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Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday at MMS

It was foggy this morning, cool but not wet. A guy could ride his bicycle to the shop and not have his glasses fog up with water droplets. Dry fog?

After morning prayer some of us moved upstairs to begin the administrative day, others moved into the hangar to continue their labors with tools and machines and metal and wires and hoses and cables and gears. Dave mowed the grounds allowing the smell of fresh cut grass, still a bit damp from yesterday's rains, to drift through our hangars.

On Wednesday two volunteers went home. Today two more volunteers showed up. Rachel and Jordan flew in around 10 AM and proceeded to dive right into the 337 project. Rachel was part of the LeTourneau crew that served with us earlier in the year. Jordan is in the Air Force, had some leave, and decided to spend a day of it working in our hangar at Rachel's invitation. Jordan said it was quite different working on missionary airplanes in contrast to the B-52's he normally maintains. The concept of delivering Bibles instead of dropping bombs appeals to him.

Jordan and Rachel worked hard all day and then flew home only a few minutes ago. It was an encouragement to have them in the hangar.

Jordan and Rachel

Jordan and Rachel working on the LAMP 337.

On the "official" front, progress was made on the CMML overhaul as Josh and Mike compared measurements of the main bearings.

Josh and Mike in the engine shop comparing measurements.

The sun is out. I can hear airplanes taking off from the runway just west of our hangar. Not a lot of airplanes. Just one every now and then. Coshocton County isn't a busy place. Neither is the airport compared to others but it is a beautiful and well maintained airport with the identifier I-40.

Now that summer has started, Lindbergh Grill is open again over at the airport terminal. It might not be a bad idea to consider flying in or driving over for a burger or a grilled chicken sandwich on the weekend. Hand dipped ice cream, too. Sit at one of the tables outside, shaded from the warm sun by an umbrella, and enjoy the scenery and the pilots' radio chatter as it crackles from the exterior speakers. Watch airplanes take off and land. Can it get any better than that?

Years ago, Coshocton's motto was "A friendly place with a slower pace." While the motto has since changed as those things seem to do, the truth of that motto has not.

Have a great weekend.

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