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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Engines, Magnetos, and Wires

Paul and Andy finished up the tear-down process for the front engine of LAMP's Cessna 337 and have packed and boxed the steel components for shipment to specialty shops that will inspect, measure, test, and treat them as required. It not often one thinks about how important cardboard (and United Parcel Service) really is to the mission effort.

The engine case, cam shaft, crank shaft, engine gears and pumps, oil cooler, and fuel related components wait for pick-up by UPS.

Josh is back in the hangar after his month-long Rapid Response trip to Zambia, Africa. He helped Christian Missions in Many Lands modify a Cessna 182 for mission service. The trip went well and they made great progress on the airplane.

Josh and Dennis disassemble a magneto for inspection and troubleshooting.

Mike continues wiring the upgraded
navigation/communication stack in Moody's 182.

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