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Friday, June 5, 2009

More Magnetos

Another magneto toubleshooting opportunity developed today. A Cessna 172 owned by one of our staff is scheduled to be used as part of a Christian aviation camp next week. In fact, three of our personnel: Ian, Scott G., and Paul are going to serve as staff for the week long aviation camp.

On an earlier flight with the 172, Paul had struggled to get the airplane started. Over the past couple days the guys had investigated the problem to identify the cause. Today they pulled the magnetos.

Ian checks the engine timing while Andy pulls the magnetos from the Cessna 172.

Ian oversees, and Andy observes, as Paul runs the troublesome magneto on the test stand.

Ian instructs Andy and Paul in what to look for when troubleshooting a magneto. In this case the trouble proved to be a bad coil.

With the bad magneto coil replaced and both the magnetos re-installed, the 172 started immediately and ran smooth.

Learning by doing. That's one of the strengths of the MMS ministry. Solving real problems in real time for real airplanes and then taking those skills to the mission field. Thanks for being part of this great learning & maintenance opportunity for Andy and Paul through your gifts and prayers.

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