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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday Breeze

The temperature is resting at 80 degrees. The sun is warm, the sky is blue. High clouds diffuse the sunlight a bit as airplanes take off and land. A breeze flows through the open door, up the back stairwell, through the receipting room, into the administrative bay and back down the front stairwell into the parking lot. The humidity is "low" for Ohio (41%) --and the breeze feels good.

The breeze cools the hangars as well as work continues on several projects.

Inside Hangar A's engine shop, Josh sorts parts in preparation for the build-up of the engine for CMML in Zambia, Africa.

Some of the internal parts of the engine.

In Hangar B, Tim and Andy continue their work modifying the horizontal stabilizer for the Brazilian 206.

Tim drill holes in the new skin.

In Hangar C, repairs are being made to GCI's Cessna 310.

Mike and Paul discuss repairs to the 310's alternator for the right engine.

And back in the paint booth in the back of Hangar C, the fuselage for the Honduran 206 is prepped for color coats.

Scott and Ian position the identification number stencils to match the original paint scheme.

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