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Monday, June 15, 2009

Preparing People (and Planes)

Our ministry at MMS is two-fold: 1) to prepare people to serve as missionary airplane mechanics while we; 2) maintain, modify, and repair missionary airplanes.

This past week was the culmination of the "preparing people" part for two of our apprentices, David Mozombite and Gertjan Kamphorst.

Both David and Gertjan completed their requirements to take the FAA written exams and passed them in May. Just last week David and Gertjan also passed their oral and practical exams allowing them to receive their FAA A&P mechanic's certificates.

This is an exciting and somewhat stressful time for the apprentice families as they complete service with MMS, take and pass the exams, and begin their transition to service with an aviation ministry beyond our hangar doors.

David Mozombite
David and Amy are transitioning from MMS into service with South America Mission. They've been assigned to SAM's flight program in Bolivia where David will serve as a maintenance specialist. David (pronounced da-Veed) is originally from Peru. They have three children: Isaiah, Lilly, and Asher.

Gertjan Kamphorst
Gertjan and Glenda previously served in Papua New Guinea with MAF-Australia. They came to MMS so Gertjan, a pilot, could also become a mechanic. This has opened the door for them to serve with MAF-US. They'll soon be moving to Nampa, Idaho to complete their orientation and standarization for service with MAF. They have two children, Johan & Marielle. Gertjan is originally from the Netherlands and Glenda is from the Philippines.

As it's exciting and somewhat stressful for the families who are leaving, it's exciting and sad for those of us on staff remaining behind. It's exciting because the goal of investing our lives in each of these families is so they will move on to effective mission service with other organizations. This is exactly what the Kamphorsts and Mozombites are doing. And yet, after living and working so closely with each of these families for so long, it's sad to say goodbye to our good friends.

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