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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Shooting Paint and Changing Oil

Ian and Chuck spent the day shooting paint on the fuselage of the of Honduran 206. They shot the primer this morning and shot the white base coat this afternoon. It's coming along well. They still need to tape and shoot the red and the blue. Lord willing, the airplane will begin final assembly later this month.

Ian sprays the forward part of the fuselage.

Chuck mixes paint.

Chuck shoots the inside of the nose wheel well.

While Ian and Chuck spent their day in the paint booth at the rear of Hangar C, Josh and Paul spend their day in the front of Hangar C troubleshooting a magneto problem and then changing the oil on a Cessna 172.

Josh adds new oil to the engine while Paul safety-wires
the oil filter to the 172's engine case.

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