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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rainy Day

Josh is measuring engine parts for the CMML engine overhaul, Mike is weaving electrical wire for the Moody 182, Chuck is cleaning a fuel pump, Tim is writing an airplane maintenance log book entry which will allow GCI's 172 to return to service, Dennis just installed a new battery in a local airplane, Dwight and Dave just finished leading a group of children on a tour through MMS, and Andy and Tim F. are still working with the Brazilian 206's horizontal stabilizer.

There's activity in the hangar but it's quiet activity. No rhythmic pounding of rivet guns, no high-pitched whine of an air drill, no teeth-jarring screech from a cut-off wheel on aluminum to compete with the soothing drip of the rain from the hangar doors and building edges. The grass is green outside. The trees lush with leaves. Nearby, groundhogs peer from the tree line's perimeter and squirrels dash from branch to branch as trapeze artists of the furry sort.

Thundershowers rolled through this morning turning into a warm summer drizzle this afternoon. It's a good soaking rain that we've needed here in Coshocton. Corn's in the ground and up about six inches. The soybean plants have broken through the soil and stand a little shorter than the corn. The hangar doors are open to take advantage of the gentle 76 degree breeze. A radio station plays through a computer on a tool box near one of the airplanes. And it's easy to want to sleep.

But no one's sleeping. There's work to be done.

GCI's 172 sits in the rain waiting for its maintenance log book entry to be completed.

Looking to Hangar C from Hangar B. GCI's 310 is on the left.
The Brazilian 206's horizontal stabilizer is on the right.

1 comment:

Phil said...

Nice writing, Keith. You "put me in the hangar" for a few minutes there.